Hülya Basaran presentation

Last week’s keynote by Hülya Basaran

During last week’s pedagogical conference at Karlstad University, I had the pleasure to listen to the keynote by Hülya Basaran. Hülya held a very inspirational speech about her immigrant background, being different, braking norms and following one’s dreams. I’m always glad, when I see a presenter in Sweden having a creative commons license on the slides and so did Hülya as I often present about the topic myself. She also mentioned the TPACK model, which I have referred to earlier and talked about the advantages of bilingualism to which I can obviously relate to very well, raising two fantastic daughters myself bilingually.

Hülya Basaran making choices
Hülya’s slide on making choices

In my earlier presentation that day, I highlighted the issue of teachers making a lot of choices so I was very glad when she picked up the topic and seeing her accompanying slide. So on many levels I could relate to Hülya’s speech and was very inspired.

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