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Presentation at pedagogical conference at Karlstad University

Today, I am attending the pedagogical conference at Karlstad University. This year’s topic is about gender integration in teaching. During the morning we will listen to a couple of presenations on how colleagues have worked with gender and gender equality questions in their respective programs. Camilla Berglund, Maria Jansdotter Samuelsson, Nina Thelander in teacher education, Ann Bergman and Tuula Bergqvist in working life science and Mona Persenius and Kajsa Bjuresäter in nursing. The morning will finish with a presentation by Manuel Almberg Missner, about anti-oppresive pedagogy, theoretical approaches and tools.

In the afternoon, it is time for the open sessions, a blend of different topics regarding pedagogy in a higher education setting. My colleague Johan Netz and me will present our work with the Idea management course, a hybrid mooc developed for business professionals about the initial phase of the idea management process. The focus of our presentation will be the digital learning environment we created together with Tom Woodward and Jim Groom. We will question the focus of teachers on the learning management plattform (LMS) and try to expound the problems with this. With our course as example, we try to highlight that there is an entire ecosystem of digital resources which we could use to enhance the students’ learning experience, which many of us are not even consider to use in our courses. Johan and I will try to inspire and show what is possible with a little help from people who have done this.

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