The digital me: past, present and future

This is the first post on my new blog and is part of a learning experience in the open online course FDOL, which I am currently participating in. This short post is about the digital me. My digital journey began in the early days of the world wide web with a short internship in the spring of 1996 programming a homepage. I setup a simple homepage for a bank branch, where customers could leave their contact details and the bank would receive an email with the input. Since then, I was interested in the Internet and had from 2000 onwards always a broadband connection at home.

In the following years, I created slightly more advanced homepages, such as the homepage for a local retail business or the internet presence for the national association of Australian Football clubs in Sweden. I also used services like ICQ, Skype and Facebook since a long time back for keeping in touch with friends and family at home and new friends I met during my times abroad.

The TPACK model
The TPACK model

In my teaching, I was an early adopter with a couple of my colleagues in our subject area to make use of a learning plattform (our university uses It’s learning) and I try to integrate videos and other open educational resources in my courses. Togehter with other colleagues, we also make use of an online business simulation in another course, which is a great learning experience for the students.

Generally speaking, I would say that the digital me is much more developed in my private life. Apart from my twitter account, the digital professional me and the digital private me have been rather seperated. This is something that is starting to change and which got a boost since the preparation for the blended learning course development project that I currently lead. Since last year, I learned about content curation using or other tools, I learned about flipping the classroom with video recorded lectures, learned about MOOCs and the different roles of teachers in campus and distance courses. A concept that I find very useful and describes my intentions with the open online course on flexible distance online learning (FDOL) is the TPACK framework (see picture).

My ambition in the future as well as with the #FDOL course is to advance my technological, pedagogical content knowledge, a combination of technological, pedagogical and content knowledge. I will need the TPACK for leading the blended learning course project, which is a really exciting project especially in times of MOOCs and SPOCs and open online learning.

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