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Finally it is done. For years I wanted to make an update to my old and rusty blog/homepage. It was running on Joomla, as I had worked with the CMS for some time, running the AFL Sweden homepage and in some other projects. For the last years, however, I’ve been working more with WordPress. I like WordPress much better, partly it is much easier to use, but also because I am working with awesome people at the moment who are simply super heroes with the CMS. Hands up, Jim and Tom. And now it is done. I transferred my few old posts to a brand new site. And it feels really good. Still a lot to work with and update, but the first step is definitely made.

The trigger for this switch needed to come from outside. I am participating as facilitator in the open networked learning course #onl181 and participants are required to start a blog for reflection. Leading by example is important to me, so I did not really have a choice. Participating in the course is also “back to the roots”, as I was participating as early as 2013 in the predecessor of #onl181 – FDOL131 – as open learner. The course influenced me a lot and much has happened since then. I’ve been developing and running several open networked learning courses since then (Idea management and Servitization for some current examples), have attended several international conferences on the topic (OE Global 2015, OE Global 2017, #OER16, #OER17, #EDEN17, #EDEN18) and am happy to have worked with some amazing people throughout the years and have learned so much during that time.

I’m really curious where this new blog will lead me to. I promise myself to use it more frequently to reflect on my experiences and practices as I fell in love with the open education movement.



“CSS3 Reloaded John Allsopp – July WSG Melbourne Meet up” by Melbourne WSG is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

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